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We enable new business models for verifiable credentials


What we do

We’re making it easier for individuals and organisations to trust each other!

No more data silos to be leaked or hacked. No more data sold without consent. No more relationships and transactions without trust.

We’re building a secure network that enables individuals and organisations to fully control their personal data. It allows self-sovereign identity (SSI) companies to build and deliver secure solutions to you. Through our network, anyone can verify identities quickly and securely.

Our solution for you

We give you back privacy and control of your data.

Your data shouldn't be in silos waiting to be leaked or stolen. Companies shouldn't make money selling your data without your consent. Our network allows SSI companies to build and deliver secure solutions to you.

Our solution for your organisation

New business models for verifiable credentials .

We help companies create new and innovative business models, ensuring self-sovereign identity is a viable and rewarding service to offer to customers

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You can't have Web 3 until you have decentralised identity that works at scale and has a business model for network participants hardcoded into it.

For this reason we're helping cheqd bring a permissionless, token optimised form of SSI and verifiable claims.

Jamie Burke
Founder & CEO at Outlier Ventures


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