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Personal data does not need to be siloed to be valuable, there is a better way.

We're building the incentivised credentials network to reward all parties in the ecosystem, whether institutional or individual. We see this as crucial to moving from silos of data to a new world where data is controlled by the individual and new, never-before-possible business models are possible.

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Fraser Edwards


Fraser has a rare skillset, blending technology and business acumen and rarer experience. He has deep consortium and self-sovereign identity knowledge through leading the Known Traveller Digital Identity project with the World Economic Forum and Dutch and Canadian governments amongst the stakeholders and separately, blockchain payments expertise through architecting cross-blockchain payments on the Jasper-Ubin project with the Singaporean and Canadian Central banks. Fraser’s career has been a series of unique challenges, one after the other and he is thrilled to be taking on the adoption of self-sovereign identity as his next.



Ankur Banerjee


Ankur is an engineering and product management leader with deep expertise in digital identity and decentralised systems. He has a solid background in software development innovation as a co-inventor on multiple patent-pending solutions. Ankur has led exceptional multi-disciplinary teams across multiple countries and has in-depth knowledge and expertise in designing, launching, and operating of large-scale technology products. He has previously contributed to industry working groups on digital identity frameworks. Ankur is passionate about making the tech industry accessible to diverse backgrounds and to make inclusive products.



Javed Khattak


Javed is an award-winning C-suite executive, a qualified actuary and a serial entrepreneur who has led multi-billion dollar funds/projects and successful ventures. He has advised governments, central banks and global brands like PwC, GSK, M&S, HSBC, and Thomson Reuters. Javed has the valuable experience of structuring and scaling blockchain products. He also brings passion for the transformational nature of blockchain technology as we build DeFi identity that underpins digital and real-world interactions.



Eduardo Hotta

Head of Marketing & Community

Eduardo is a branding and demand generation expert, and has led successful marketing teams in several industries, including data analytics, cyber security, and marketing automation.




Elina Verim Profile

Elina Yumasheva

Marketing & Communications Adviser

Elina Yumasheva is a purpose-driven marketing and communications professional who brings a unique blend of technology and sustainability knowledge. As a dynamic and performance-driven innovator, Elina strives to increase revenue and business growth. She has a track record in developing communication strategies, product positioning, analysing market trends, managing projects, and leading teams. With over ten years of experience in the corporate sustainability and technology sector, Elina has worked with the largest global brands, leading NGOs and governments. She is committed to making a positive impact on the world through her professional activities. 



Alex Tweeddale

Governance and Compliance Lead

An enterprising professional with a unique skillset in the intersection between law and decentralised identity ecosystems. Alex has led ground-breaking identity projects across multiple roles, including work with tier-1 pharmaceutical companies and financial services, as well as the US Department of Homeland Security on the use of verifiable credentials for tracing products across the eCommerce supply chain. Alex is also a notable contributor to SSI community initiatives such as Trust over IP and the Covid Credentials Initiative.



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